Dean + Caitlin | Red Jacket Trail Engagement Session

When couples include their adorable pups I know I am going to love them! I get that question a lot if it’s okay to bring your furry friend and YES is the answer! They act as the perfect ice breaker and brings some pretty good laughs right away leading your session to be a fun one! Caitlin and Dean are some pretty amazing dog parents to Lexa! She’s pretty cute isn’t she!? Her photobombing moments are probably my favorite but sadly they didn’t make the cut in this post! ;) What I love about Caitlin and Dean?? Besides everything, that they love to travel! I love when my couples are passionate about the same things and hearing about the different places they have been! (Dean proposed to Caitlin in Australia!) He got down on one knee while Caitlin was taking a photo and Caitlin turned around to Dean on one knee asking her to marry him. I hope their giddiness is just as contagious as it was for at our session!