Wes + Laura | The Capitol Room Wedding

Oh my goodness am I excited to be blogging Wes and Laura's stunning wedding day! Living in Southern Minnesota and having this beautiful wedding venue open gave me all of the heart eyes you guys!! I am so grateful these two picked me to photograph such a special day! Along with their two girls! Everything from the details, all the pretty lights everywhere, the people, I felt totally welcomed by everyone! The wedding party was such a blast and when the Bride's mom gives you a hug to tell you how great you were, definately is making me feel so lucky, and a happy reminder of why photographing weddings is so so special! Congratulations to this amazing couple! 

Now let's talk about my favorite part of the day! Every new year I shoot weddings I always try to challenge myself to do something different and pick a part of the day I want to make strengthen! This year I want to focus on making my ceremonies different and add a little spunk to them! I would have to say my favorite part of the day was the ceremony photos! This space allowed me to get SUPER creative and thank the lucky stars I brought a glass prism along to help create some magic during the ceremony! 

I also adored the details! If you know me and you are reading this right now you probably are giggling at how obsessed I am with details! Brides put so much into their big day and I love love LOVE capturing all of those small details from your invitation, rings, flowers, and any other goodies I can see you invested your time on! ALSO, to all of you brides out there planning a wedding FRESH FLOWERS add so much life to your photos!! Don't even think about those fake stems! I am telling you it is the one thing that people don't understand spending money on flowers when they die! Your wedding photos are forever and therefore your flowers are forever! ;) Am I right!? 

Okay now that I am chatting your ear off, show some love to Wes and Laura! Leave your comments below and tell me what your favorite part was!