Levi + Haley | Minnesota Farm Engagement

I am so excited to be sharing Levi and Haley's engagement session! I am a Southern Minnesota girl born and raised. I'm not going to lie though when Haley sent me the address to her Grandma's farm I had no idea where this was, ha! We were at Haley's grandma's farm and oh my goodness was it full of charm and COWS!! It was the cutest little farm and I get why they wanted their photos here! There was also a donkey named Mary and I could probably have a blog post just on Mary the Donkey but I will spare you all! I realized it's small and little towns that make my heart happy because everyone is so grateful. After driving home from my session with the windows down and the music blasting in my car. It's sessions like these that set my soul on fire! Plus I sent them their engagement photos and they are gushing over their gallery! YAY!  I am so pumped for their outdoor wedding next year at the Flying Goose Campground!